Technology has entered every sphere of our lives and the kitchen is no exception. Appliances today have gone through a design reincarnation, bringing more style, comfort and elegance to modern cooking.

Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist’s appliances carry that technology and design with their futuristic range of Hobs, Chimneys, Cook Top, Dishwasher, Built-in-Microwave, Built-in-Oven and Built-in-Refrigerator.

The Kitchen Specialist’s exclusive range of chimneys combines striking design and sleek looks with modern technology and ergonomic design. They are crafted with the most advanced features like low-noise operations, high suction capacity, auto-filtering systems and push button controls. With Sleek chimneys, your kitchen stays stylish, fresh and airy at all times.

Sleek’s kitchen hobs are available in toughened glass and SS 304 with matte or anti-scratch finish. Sleek Built-in-Hobs look good as new for a long time. With performance that is par excellence, and features like automatic ignition and Italian sabaf burners, our hobs are compatible with both LPG and Natural Gas.

 Sleek’s built-in-ovens have compact design that fit into your modest spaces and also multiple functions that enhance the efficiency to a higher degree. With options for grill and rotisserie, our oven is a complete kitchen solution for your modern cooking needs.

Sleek’s dishwashers are built-in, and come with a door panel that fits well in your kitchen cabinets. The built-in-dishwasher are customized as per your kitchen space. With Sleek’s dishwasher, washing dishes with your hands will become a thing of the past.

Installing Sleek’s built-in-microwave is a good idea as it consumes less energy in your kitchen and also saves your hard earned money. The built-in-microwave is installed in a cabinet and frees up the counter space in the kitchen.   

Sleek’s traditional cooktops are free-standing hobs with two or four burners. These cooktops have open burners and a visible cooking flame, offering fast, precise heating.

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