Quick and convenient, microwave cooking is ideal for a busy lifestyle and great for helping out with a hectic family life. They do a lot more than simply defrosting and re-heating. Microwaves with grills and convection ovens provide flexible, as well as space-saving, additions to your modular kitchen.

The microwave is installed in a cabinet. Installing them is a good idea as it not only consumes less energy in the kitchen, but also saves your hard earned money. Built-in-microwave is ideal where space is at a premium, because they free-up valuable counter space. They also give a great designer look to your modular kitchen.

Built-in-microwaves ranges from basic solo models to top-of-the-range combination models; the built-in element simply refers to how it’s fitted into your kitchen. 

When you are planning to buy a built-in-microwave, consider its function. A standard microwave can only cook specific pre-made meals and heat food. A convection microwave combines the features of a microwave and a convection oven. This means it is possible to grill, cook, and microwave. The microwave choice also depends on its capacity. These models tend to be larger than compact ones with the medium sized variety being the most common option in the Indian kitchen. 

Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist offers its own range of built-in-microwave ovens like Gavino, Keith and Casper. 

Sleek’s Gavino is stylishly designed and offers great features like LED display, push button door, 5 microwave power levels, digital timer and cooking end signal.

Sleek’s Keith is elegantly designed and offers amazing features like steam function, auto menu, LED display, Digital timer and child safety lock.

Sleek’s Casper is sophisticatedly designed and offers vast features like 90 cm maxi oven with digital display, time integrated electronic control, air flow cooling system, double glazed oven door and auto rotisserie.

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