The new-age chimneys are not just that traditional chimneys used for consuming fumes and sticky smoke in the kitchens. Today, kitchen chimneys do not just only perform the purpose for which they are installed, but also used for other functions at the same time. Chimneys have become a design element that also focuses on the performance as well.

With the increase in awareness of modular kitchen as a concept, people have started opting for electric chimneys that not only function well but also transform your kitchen and make it both unique and elegant. 

There is no secret that Indian style comprises lots of oily vapour and grease, thanks to the constant frying and simmering curries. Keeping this in mind, Sleek with its years of experience and expertise brings a new range of chimneys that blend high performance, functionality and modern designs. 

Being India’s no. 1 modular kitchen brand, Sleek electric chimneys come loaded with features of aluminum filter, baffle filter, good air suction capacity and ducting.  Kitchen Chimneys with aluminum filter have multiple layers of aluminum mesh. This helps in better suction of little particles of spices and oil. Also, these filters can be easily washed by hand.

Chimneys that come with baffle filters are more effective than cassette filters, and are easy to clean as well. Baffle filters are available in stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum is lighter but can be very noisy. 

Sleek Kitchen chimneys have built-in LED lights and features like Metallic Rotor, Metallic Motor Body, Flexible Pipe and Oil Collector. Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist brings to you the finest spread of modern chimneys such as decorative chimneys, island chimneys and free-standing chimneys that suit your kitchen be it any shape and style. 

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