Sleek Modular Kitchen Hobs

Technology has been a perfect boon for the world in each and every sector. So, how could kitchen remain unaffected from its touch? Nowadays, modular kitchens too are technology driven that blend functionality and designs as well. This can be very well seen in hobs – a new mechanism that forms an essential kitchen appliances part.

Sleek – The Kitchen Specialist with a passion of delivering perfection has transformed Indian kitchens with its modular kitchens. Sleek hobs are especially designed by keeping Indian cooking scenario in mind. These hobs blend seamlessly with the kitchen platform or counter; add an aesthetic element to your kitchen and make cooking a style statement.

The major problem faced with ordinary burners is inappropriate distribution of flames while cooking. Sleek brings a range of technologically advanced hobs that comprises two-burners, five burners, 3 + 1 ring burners and etc. These burners give you the best possible distribution of flame. Unlike other ordinary burners, Sleek burners ensure that every Indian phulka puff up in reality. Sleek gas hobs are powerful for speedy cooking, and at the same time, gentle for simmering.

Being the kitchen specialist, Sleek gives a special emphasis on strong pan-supports such that pots or utensils don’t wobble during cooking. It also offers superior heat distribution.  The hobs available at Sleek come with enamel coating that helps in removing and washing of stains and also cleaning the hob counter easier. Leonardo, Lewis, Henry 10, Bruno and Gabriel are some of the best hobs that you can get from The Kitchen Specialist. 

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