Cabinet & Shutters

The structure of your kitchen is basically a skeleton made with your cabinets. The entire kitchen is designed and constructed in modules (sections), usually of standard sizes. These modules are assembled together forming cabinets resulting in a functionally designed kitchen. 

Cabinets include base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and corner cabinets. The best material to use for your base cabinets is Marine ply (ISI 303) as it is boiling water resistant. So your cabinets will not decompose due to moisture. To save cost, Medium Density Fiberboard can be used for wall and tall cabinets which are away from the washing and wet area. Kitchen cabinets are well customised to your kitchen requirements. While the cabinets are made to the homeowner’s size requirements, the manufacturer produces them in predetermined increments.

Shutters define the look of your kitchen and if it’s not selected right, it may even spoil the look of your kitchen. The most common mistake is to choose a wrong material and end up with decomposed or chipped shutters. 

The Kitchen Specialists shutters come with various types of finishes like, Laminate Shutter that are laminated with MDF or Marine Ply, Back painted Shutters which are a modern alternative medium for shutters in terms of looks, designs, etc., Veneer Shutters that are usually thinner than 3 mm and are pressed on MDF or Marine Ply, giving the desirable wood finish, Sleek Sunshine Shutters that are fully water-proof and long lasting, Solid wood Shutters which are a fantastic solution for those who love the natural woody look and finish, and Membrane Shutters that are comparatively thin and flexible than other shutters. 

Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist has their processing unit for shutters and carcasses at Udaipur. The latest machinery, imported from Turkey, Germany and Italy is used to make shutter cabinets.

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