Hardware and Fitting

A kitchen should not only be beautiful to look at, but also a dream to work in. Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist offers a range of world class hardware and fittings that make working in the kitchen easy and effortless. The pioneer in modular kitchen sets the benchmark for quality hardware by associating with some of the world’s best brands - Grass, Sige and Lamp.

Sleek brings to you the Specialist range of Hardware and Fittings like Plastic Washer, Wall Cabinet Hanging Bracket Set, SS GTPT Support, SS Fascia Clip, SS Screw/Nut/Washer (Big/Small), Plastic ‘L’ Bracket, Chipboard Screw, Cabinet Connector, Shelf Support, Shelf Support For Glass, Hole Plug, Microwave Stand, Plastic Nova Pro Clips For Designer Basket, Door Bumper, Agoform Mat, Telescopic Channel, Mounting Piece With Dowel (V), Adjustable Leg (V), Plinth Clip (V), Ventilation Grid (V), Plinth (V), 90 Deg Corner (V), End Cap (V), Vetro line, Metallic line, Easy Line, E23 KIT. 

The Kitchen Specialist also provides Hinges like SS 110° Full Overlay Hinge Soft Closing, 110° Full Overlay, 110° Half Overlay, 165° Opening, 45° Opening, Pie-Cut and Inset. The obvious requirement of a hinge is to attach a door or a window to a frame. What is often overlooked is that a hinge must carry the weight of the door without sagging. Hinges are often under-specified due to lack of understanding. Hence to save money, people do not consider it important. Hinges should allow the door to swing easily and with minimum friction. A hinge should withstand the forces exerted on it and through it by door closers. Furthermore, correctly specified hinges should perform to the requirements for a long period of time, which ultimately offers better value for money.

Sleek has also tied up with international brand - Lamp to provide imported hinges that come with an auto closing system and a minimum 2 mm distance between the doors, unlike ordinary hinges that have 25 mm gap between the doors.

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