Grass - Austria

Grass is a renowned kitchen accessories manufacturing brand based in Austria. Grass has tied-up with Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist to bring their world famous Grass Nova Pro range of kitchen drawer system and accessories for the Indian homemaker.

The Grass Nova Pro Full Extension offers the best in style and functionality for your kitchen drawers. One of the features of the Grass Nova Pro is the patented and world famous Airmatic system. The Airmatic system is a cushioning mechanism that ensures smooth closure of drawers. It also features a sophisticated shock absorber in the form of an air pad, fitted at the rear of the drawer, making drawer movement quiet and quick. Sleek offers Nova Pro accessories like, Nova Pro Airmatic 40 kg, Nova Pro Airmatic 70 kg, Nova Member 40 kg and Nova Member 70 kg for your modular kitchen.

The Grass Nova Pro Add-ons offers unlimited storage options, such as rectangular and round railings with variable lateral and transverse sub-compartments, to give tremendous variety and flexibility to all forms of methodical storage. Sleek offers Nova Pro Add-ons for your modular kitchen like, inner drawer front brackets, round railing system and round divider railing with clips.

The Grass Wooden Add-ons offer amazing utility for storing anything from cutlery to bottles to fruits and vegetables. They offer the ultimate methodical storage that one desires in a modular kitchen. Sleek offers wooden add-ons like wooden vario, wooden besteck cutlery, cutlery organiser with wooden partition, wooden partage, wooden adjustable partage and wooden organiser for your modular kitchen.

The Grass Bottle Railings offer neat partitions and railing to protect your bottles from colliding and breaking. These partitions are flexible, enabling you to adjust them according to your bottles and utensils. Sleek offers wooden bottle divider in its Grass Bottle Railings range for your modular kitchen.


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