Sleek Vs Carpenter made kitchen

Design Options
  • Limited options, depending on the carpenter's resources
  • Hand-made, and thus lacks precision, finish and quality
Planning & Design
  • Lacks the know-how of space management
  • You have little or no control on the final product
  • No guarantee
Time Span
  • Depends on the efficiency of the carpenter
  • Both fabrication and assembling is done onsite, means your home turns into a workshop for a very long time
After-Sales Service
  • Non-existent
  • In terms of money spend - a cheaper option.
  • Convenience and looks deteriorate over usage, meaning more money spent servicing
Design options
  • Minimal design alternatives. Designing if done, is very restricted
Space Management
  • Cannot be adapted to accommodate specific space and storage issues
Materials Constraints
  • Cabinets, mainly of particle board, does not suit Indian work styles or design preferencess
Range of Accessories
  • Limited options for internal accessories
Services Offered
  • Provide only modular kitchen solutions
After-Sales Service
  • Replacements as well as After-Sales Service is very troublesome
  • Extremely high priced
Time Span
  • Delivery period is 3 months upwards due to imports

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