Sleek designing tips


Here are a few tips for designing a kitchen layout keeping in mind minimum movement, easy retrieval of articles and making kitchen chores easy.

  • Vegetables and market items should be close to theentrance. This facilitates the placing of items brought from outside, without disturbing the person cooking
  • Big utensils should be placed next to the sink to facilitate minimum movement for washing
  • Storage of grams, spices, rice, oil, flour should be on one side of the cooking range. Storage of regularly used utensils (pressure cookers, daily crockery & cutlery, ) should be on the other side of the cooking range.
  • Place glass trays and plate trays above the sink. Utensils can be placed on the tray without wiping them; the excess water will drip automatically. This saves the trouble of washing utensils & allowing it to dry and then taking the trouble of placing them on the tray.
  • Fix the dustbin or the bin holder on the shutter, which is mounted below the sink. The detergent pullout should ideally be on the second shutter for keeping detergents and cleaning agents.
  • The use of a tall unit increases the storage capacity substantially. For the same floor space, the storage area is almost double as compared to the storage area of the base and the wall-unit combined.
  • The concept of a work triangle while designing the kitchen layout will make cooking a pleasure.

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